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A comprehensive, easy to use procurement classification is essential for any organisation seeking to understand its third party expenditure. Few organisations can access information in their IT systems that can give a procurement as well as a financial / accounting perspective. Even where a coding system is used - such as UNSPSC - the challenges are dealing with multiple versions and the sheer volume of codes  - over 77,000 for UNSPSC.

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To overcome these problems, English local government devised a classification which is easy to use, meaningful and free at the point of delivery. It also maps to the different procrement coding systems used such as UNSPSC, CPV, NSV and NHS-eClass.

ProClass is owned by local government and from October 2007 its management and maintenance has been passed to Coding International Ltd.  ProClass is recognised by the Local e-Government Standards Body (LeGSB).


ProClass C15.1 - CPV Mapping Released
Jan 06, 2016
ProClass - CPV mapping now available
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ProClass C15.1 - UNSPSC Mapping Released
Dec 14, 2015
ProClass - UNSPSC mapping now available
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New ProClass Version Released
Nov 09, 2015
Version C15.1 of ProClass is now available.
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ProClass Classification Search
Nov 02, 2015
New ProClass classification search facility.
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ProClass version C15.1
Nov 02, 2015
User review complete & release date set.
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