ProClass Version C14.1

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Jun 13, 2014
The new version of ProClass, C14.1, is now available to download.
The Emergency Services module is also available, as are mappings from ProClass to UNSPSC, CPV, NSV, NHS-eClass and Thomson.
ProClass vC14.1
ProClass vC14.1 Emergency Services
Mapping - ProClass vC14.1 to UNSPSC v16.0901
Mapping - ProClass vC14.1 to CPV 2008
Mapping - ProClass vC14.1 to NSV
Mapping - ProClass vC14.1 to NHS-eClass 2012
Mapping - ProClass vC14.1 to Thomson



CPV / UNSPSC Mappings
Aug 14, 2017
New version C17.1 mappings for CPV & UNSPSC.
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ProClass Version C17.1 Released
Jun 26, 2017
New ProClass vC17.1 released
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ProClass vC17.1 User Review
Jun 06, 2017
The suggested additions / changes to be be included in ProClass version C17.1 are now available for user review.
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Version C17.1 draft
May 22, 2017
A draft of ProClass version C17.1 will be released for download and user review / acceptance on Tuesday 6th June.
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New Version Announcement
Feb 14, 2017
New version of ProClass scheduled for April 2017
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