About ProClass

ProClass is a procurement classification system intended for use by local government.

A survey conducted by SPS Consultancy Services in 2012 regarding the use of ProClass by local authorities in England showed the following:

  • 74% of tier 1 local authorities that responded to the survey were using ProClass either uniquely or alongside an existing coding system.
  • Of the authorities not currently using ProClass, 20% were actively implementing it and 34% were considering introducing it.

It has become the de facto procurement classification for all English local government, used within their IT systems to identify and classify their procurement spend. Some organisations also use ProClass as a way of classifying suppliers in their contracts register. It is now widely used by public organisations.

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Title Download
'Coding and Classification: Maximising Returns from Purchasing Data'  

HM Treasury Operational Efficiency Programme (OEP) Report  



ProClass is trademarked to the Corporation of London.  It is available free of charge to any organisation.


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