Latest Version - C21.1


Notes on Version C21.1:

  1. ProClass is a procurement classification, not a finance classification. Therefore it is for classifying products and services that are purchased. It is not for classifying people, projects or budgets. The purpose of ProClass is to classify spend into useful headings that will help identify savings and areas for collaboration, which in turn will lead to more efficient procurement and further savings.
  2. Version C21.1 includes a number of minor changes, primarily to clarify the scope of the affected headings.  ICT Maintenance & Support has been broken down into new level 3 headings to reflect a need for increased specificity in this area.  For a full list of changes in this release, see the vC21.1 release notes.
  3. The headings are in alphabetical order, except 'Not Elsewhere Classified' headings which are always at the end of each section. 
  4. When the word 'Children' is used, for instance under social services, this includes 'Youth'.
  5. 'Not Elsewhere Classified' is not the same as 'Miscellaneous', as only products and services that cannot be classified elsewhere would be included here.
  6. When words have alternative spellings, for consistency the preferred spelling is taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.
  7. For any proposed additions or changes to be included in the next release, please either post them on the ProClass Forum or fill in the contact form on the ProClass website.
  8. The version number denotes the year of issue, hence this version is 21.1. The .1 signifies it is the first change this year, if another version is released this year it would be 21.2.
  9. For Emergency Services headings please see the ProClass Emergency Services Classification.

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