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A comprehensive, easy to use procurement classification is essential for any organization seeking to understand its third party expenditure. ProClass is tailored for use in local government. Find out more.

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  • Spend mapping
  • Supplier mapping
  • Account / subjective heading mapping


CPV / UNSPSC Mappings
Aug 14, 2017
New version C17.1 mappings for CPV & UNSPSC.
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ProClass Version C17.1 Released
Jun 26, 2017
New ProClass vC17.1 released
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ProClass vC17.1 User Review
Jun 06, 2017
The suggested additions / changes to be be included in ProClass version C17.1 are now available for user review.
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Version C17.1 draft
May 22, 2017
A draft of ProClass version C17.1 will be released for download and user review / acceptance on Tuesday 6th June.
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New Version Announcement
Feb 14, 2017
New version of ProClass scheduled for April 2017
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